The best chiropractors in Charlotte NC discuss the common workplace back injuries

The best chiropractors in Charlotte describe workplace back injuries

The best chiropractors in Charlotte NC will often help patients suffering from back injuries that took place while they were at work. Back injuries are one of the most common injuries that occur at the workplace and will often need the worker to stay home to recover. These injuries do not just happen to workers in industries such as factory and construction work. Employees in the office space and other jobs that are not physically demanding can result in back injuries.

Spinal vertebrae and disc injuries can change the space between bones, place pressure on nerves, and cause severe, chronic pain. Some neck and back pain can be debilitating and prevent a person from going back to work or even working at all.

The mechanics of your back

Your spine is your body’s structure that protects vital nerves that connect your body to the brain. These nerves are your body’s “electrical system” that will make the right parts of your body move whenever you want. The bones in your spine are known as vertebrae, and the softer material between each vertebra is the spinal discs. The vertebrae protect the nerves and spinal cord while the spinal discs allow your spine to move.

The three main parts of your spine correspond to the neck, chest, and mid to lower back. The muscles that support your spine are connected by a complex arrangement of tendons, muscles, and ligaments. The appropriate alignment of your spine is what forms your body’s posture.

Your spine is an excellent natural construct due to its flexibility, strength, and durability. But it is not indestructible, especially when a tremendous amount of force is placed against it.

Common back injuries in the workplace

Some of the common back injuries in the workplace are minor and can heal on their own; they may also be alleviated thanks to at-home remedies, such as resting and ibuprofen. Other, more severe back injuries may require extended medical care from a chiropractor or physical therapy.

The common on-the-job injuries to the back include:

Lower back sprains and strains: Injuries to the lower back are pretty common among workers. Employees may develop some pain in the lower back when required to sit or stand for an extended period. Also, very active workers can sustain a sprain. Pain medication and physical therapy can be used to treat these injuries as most of them are mild.

Herniated, bulging, and slipped discs: The soft disc that lies between each vertebra acts as your spine’s shock absorber. When a disc slips out of alignment or is damaged, this can result in a large amount of pain.

Pinched nerve: If a spinal disc pushes against your nerve in the spine, this is a pinched nerve. This injury can be painful and affect your back, neck, and legs.

The best chiropractors in Charlotte, NC, advise about treating back injuries

The best chiropractors in Charlotte can diagnose your injury early, which will be critical to detecting your injury’s extent and how your chiropractor should treat it. Neck, back, and spine injury symptoms will not always appear immediately after your accident at work, and some may suffer these symptoms right away, while others may not know that something is wrong until later. The severity of your injury will determine the need for treatment.

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