The best chiropractic tips for coping with painful joints

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We want to offer you the best Charlotte chiropractic tips for coping with cold weather pain. This time of year, the weather starts to change, causing many to suffer with joint aches and pains. Especially for those with pre-existing injuries. We want to offer some suggestions to help reduce exacerbation of affected joints during the cold weather season. Consider the following:

Avoiding or reducing cold weather aches from best Charlotte chiropractic

Dress warmly

  1. It is hard to deal with cool morning and warm afternoons, it is better to dress in layers.
  2. Dressing warm in the morning can help your muscles to feel relaxed by keeping them warm.
  3. A relaxed muscle will adjust to temperature changes more quickly, and keep you from being overly uncomfortable.

Stay active

  1. Sitting on the couch in a warm house all day may keep you warm, but your muscles will suffer from the limited activity and the restricted movement.
  2. Getting up, and moving about will keep your joints and muscles loosened up.
  3. Your chiropractor can recommend exercises that are healthy for your joints.
  4. Strong and flexible muscles and joints tend to be much healthier regardless of the weather.

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