The best Charlotte chiropractor tips for safely raking leaves

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Fall and winter activity can be even more rigorous than that of summer, leaving countless patients in search of the best Charlotte chiropractor. It is imperative to remember that the cooler outside temperatures, affects your body much differently than the warmth and heat of August. Cooler temperatures tend to make your body less limber, placing you at a higher risk for a sprains and strains. You can prevent this by taking 10 minutes to get your body warmed up and ready for activity.

Take a break before you rake

Start your leaf raking off by taking a 10 minute break! A brisk 5 min walk around the block and a 5 minute stretch will get you ready for the task. This ten minute warm up increases blood flow to your extremities, making them much more limber and ready for the lifting and bending that is part of the job. Stretch your hips and hamstrings in order to make them more flexible and geared up for work.

Consult with a top Charlotte chiropractor

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