Reduce risk of back pain in Charlotte, NC, with these chiropractic stretches

Reduce risk of back pain in the morning

Reduce risk of back pain right at home with specific stretches that target your spine. Lower back pain is a general concern for many people because it can be caused by so many reasons. Read more for hints from your top Charlotte chiropractor.

Back pain can be the result of an underlying condition, such as acute pancreatitis or kidney stones. In other cases, it’s just a side effect of repetitive motions or a sedentary lifestyle.

All cases of lower back pain won’t be remedied by stretching. However, it can still provide relief. If you are living with some form of mild stiffness or discomfort, these stretches may help reduce your pain and strengthen the muscles in your back.

Pelvic tilt

The purpose of this exercise is to place your pelvis and back in the ideal natural position, which will relieve pain and help you move your body better.

Start by laying on the ground with your knees bent and place your hands on your lower abdomen. You may notice that your back will have a slight arch to it.

Then you will pull in your abdomen muscles, and you can do this by imagining that you are sucking your navel to your spine.

Begin to move your hips as if you are tucking your pelvis underneath you.

You can now relax your lower back, and it will be supported by your abdominal muscles, with a slight curve. This is your neutral spine position. Keep this position for up to 10 seconds and then return to your original position.

Knee to chest

For this simple stretching exercise, you will lie on the floor with your toes pointed to the ceiling, then you will slowly bend your right knee and gently pull your leg close to your chest. Hold this spot for at least 20 seconds; then, you can begin to slowly release and straighten out your leg and return to the starting position. Repeat this motion for each leg three times.

This stretch is an effective way to relieve pain in your lower back because not only will it stretch the gluteal and lower back muscles, but it will also help to increase your overall flexibility and improve your joint’s range of motion. When doing this stretch, be cautious if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Tips to reduce risk of back pain in Charlotte NC

To minimize the risk of back pain, speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new back exercises, especially when you have a history of back injuries or problems with your spine. You can use these tips:

  • Injuries can be caused by stretching cold muscles, warm-up with at least 5 to 10 minutes of light activities such as walking.
  • Avoid bouncy or jerky movements and stretch slowly.
  • Stretching shouldn’t hurt, so only go to the point when you feel mild tension.
  • Hold your stretch for the recommended amount of time and stretch into it.

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