Reasons that office workers experience Charlotte low back pain

Charlotte Low Back Pain in Charlotte, NCHigh stress and low back pain

Charlotte low back pain can keep many people from enjoying a full and active life. A common misconception is that the only workers who suffer with back pain and back injury are construction workers, warehouse workers, and anyone who works in manual labor professions. One would think that with all the financial sector and office workers in the area, that low back pain is not much of an issue for them. After all, generally their work does not require heavy lifting, climbing, bending, and high impact. The reality is that back pain is extremely common among office workers, insurance agents, customer service representatives, and bankers.

Dealing with low back pain

  • Low back pain can happen to people in every profession because workplace design, repetitive movement, and employee fitness are factors in every work environment.
  • Part of the problem is that many workers never see a healthcare professional for their low back pain.
  • Instead, they resort to taking over the counter pain medicine as a way to reduce the symptoms while never attempting to address the cause.
  • If you suffer with low back pain, you are not alone.
  • It has been documented that nearly 80 percent of adults will need treatment for work-related neck or back pain at some point in their career.

Top chiropractic treatment for injured workers

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