Neck pain experts in Charlotte explains factor and chiropractic choices

Neck pain experts diagnose and treat underlying conditions causing neck pain

Neck pain is one of the most disturbing problems you can experience in the body. The intensity of the neck pains determines whether or not they last or go away on their own.

There are so many reasons why one may experience neck ache. Sometimes, it results from poor alignment of body parts. In other instances, injuries can cause extensive neck pain. Each of the causes determines the best possible solutions that one can deal with.

Some of the common causes of neck ache include:

Sports injury

Athletes engage in vigorous training and exercises, some of which may cause a strain on the neck muscles. Sports injuries need treatment as soon as possible to determine how serious the problem is and take immediate attention. Falls and collisions on the track can cause serious injuries, and the best solution would be to visit a chiropractor.

Poor posture

This is among the most common causes of neck ache. When sitting at the office desk or traveling at home, poor posture can lead to neck problems. Sitting in the wrong manner causes a strain on the neck muscles, effectively leading to pain.


A sudden movement of the neck and head in a car accident can cause whiplash. The force causes a tear on the soft spinal tissue, which results in pain. Experts can easily treat whiplash injuries, but you need to see an expert to recommend the best solution according to the extent of the injury.


Some chronic illnesses may affect the neck tissues, resulting in neck pain. Such diseases can be managed, but it needs an expert hand to determine which solutions work best.

Unusual neck positions

Most people use the neck for various activities, for instance, holding the phone against the shoulder. Such unusual neck positions sometimes cause neck pain, resulting in huge discomfort.

Repetitive neck motions

Vigorous activities such as dancing or jumping can force one to have repetitive neck and head motions. Although they are not always harmful, excessive motion can weaken the neck ligaments and tendons. Such weaknesses can cause neck pains which sometimes linger on for long.

Charlotte chiropractors can help with neck pain

Neck pain can easily be managed, but not all treatment methods are similar. It is important to first visit the best chiropractor in Charlotte to deal with the problem permanently.

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