Neck pain expert in Charlotte NC explains the relationship between neck and shoulder pain

Neck pain can cause discomfort, but is easily manageable if you seek professional help early

Neck pain experts in Charlotte NC understand the need for most patients to ignore mild neck pain. When you consider how closely your neck and shoulder are tied physiologically, it makes reasonable that any pain you experience would be directly related to either one or the other. Where does the discomfort really originate, your neck or your shoulders, though, when you consider the posture we have at the computer when we are driving when we are texting, or even just ordinary stress triggers?

Eight pairs of nerves are found in the neck, twelve in the middle back, also known as the thoracic spine, six in the lower back (also known as the lumbar spine), and five in the sacrum. These nerves all branch out to various parts of your body. For this reason, when patients visit our office, we ask them specific questions like whether the pain is spreading to other areas, whether it is dull or sharp, etc. This enables us to determine which nerve is inflamed or pinched, which part of your body is subluxated, or out of alignment, and is the source of your discomfort.

You might not notice the harmful consequences of minor whiplash after a fender collision after a car accident at home or in a car until you find it difficult to open jars, lift your arms, or even button your shirt. To find out if there is a problem before it has a significant influence on your quality of life, we urge you to come in even when you feel fine and are “a little sore.”

When you have a shoulder injury, such as a torn rotator cuff, your nerve endings start sending signals to your brain that travel from your shoulder to your neck. This signal causes muscular spasms to defend the wounded area, making it painful or achy. Once more, our Charlotte chiropractors can examine this and determine what is causing your neck pain.

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Neck and shoulder pain are closely correlated, so you need to manage them easily to alleviate any discomfort. Work with the best neck pain experts in Charlotte NC for top results.

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