Low back pain symptoms: When to see a Charlotte chiropractor

Low back pain is easily solvable through professional spine adjustment

Low back pain is a common concern for most Charlotte residents suffering from spine adjustment issues. Several other issues cause lower backache, and they can all be solved with an accurate diagnosis to form a tailored treatment plan.

Most people with backache issues often confuse it with normal fatigue. However, backache has many easy remedies, but a professional should deal with the situation.

Distinguishing pain from fatigue involves looking through the symptoms. This article addresses possible signs and symptoms of backache.

Dull ache

Axial pain or persistent pain in the lower back often manifests as a dull pain. As a result, it is easily overlooked since you can easily handle all of your duties while experiencing the pain which persists for a long time.

Dull pain in the lower back isn’t a good thing. It is often accompanied by limited mobility, severe or mild muscle spasms, and hip or pelvis aches.

Worsening pain with extensive sitting

The main cause of lower backache is wrongly placed discs or some that press against a nerve. Sitting adds pressure on the specific discs, which can increase the discomfort. While the ache might be bearable when sitting for short periods, it worsens when the sitting session is prolonged. In essence, the problem gets worse over time until it is unbearable.

Pain traveling along your pelvis and legs

Lower backache can cause nerve irritation, especially if the discs sit on top of a nerve. Sciatic nerve irritation causes a tingling sensation radiating below the thighs and feet. Such ache can cause more discomfort, sometimes affecting functionality.

The pain improves after you change positions

Although the causes of lower backache may be different, there are some instances where the discomfort goes away with position change. You can be sure that the problem stems from spinal stenosis in such cases. A change in position to solve the problem does not mean that it has gone away, you still need to see the experts.

Expert chiropractors help with low back pain

Dealing with backache can be stressful, but the experts can help you deal with the problem. Chiropractors conduct spinal disc adjustments for a perfectly aligned back. Their techniques help deal with the lower backache issue permanently.

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