Charlotte’s low back pain specialists explain the need for chiropractic treatment

Charlotte’s low back pain specialists can help you overcome pain and discomfort

Charlotte’s low back pain can make life unbearable and cause difficulty carrying out simple daily activities. Low back ache is a common health issue in the US, with most people experiencing it at some point in their lifetime. If you are in this category, look for these signs to schedule a visit to your chiropractor.

The pain symptoms are consistent with a potential pinched nerve

The spinal structure avails tight quarters for structural components, such as the spinal discs, nerves, and cartilage. If a disc bulges out of place or another structure intrudes on the space naturally filled by a nerve, the nerve is pinched. That means it can’t effectively send and receive messages to continue communicating with the brain. A common cause of low back ache is a pinched nerve.

Typically, nerve pain is sharp and can get worse with specific types of movement. Other patients experience numbness, while others report the sensation of needles prickling their skin from within. Because nerves run from the lower spine into the legs, one can feel pain in the legs or numbness in their feet.

Chiropractic treatment is ideal because the bone or other hard tissue often pinches the nerve. Chiropractors work to determine the cause of the pinched nerve to reposition the interfering bone, relieve tension from tight muscles, and manipulate the body to give more room for the nerve’s proper functioning.

The pain comes from hard tissue instead of a soft, muscular tissue

Pain is classified according to the points of the body impacted and the structural tissue involved. The pain created by injury to soft tissue, such as the muscles, is effectively treated through massage therapy. On the other hand, pain generated from hard tissue is likely to need spinal manipulation or other techniques carried out by a chiropractor.

Examples of hard tissues that may cause lower back ache include the spine and joints. The tight and sharp pain caused by a spinal misalignment cannot be easily relieved through massage alone, making a chiropractic visit vital for recovery. Some conditions may also involve unspecified tissue. Yet, most patients find chiropractic treatment the fastest and most consistent way to relieve pain and discomfort.

Massage therapy and heat therapy, among other treatments, have failed to provide relief

Most times, patients visit a chiropractor as a last resort and after trying other forms of treatment without achieving desired results. While they may experience some pain relief, there is still enough pain to impact their daily lives. That doesn’t mean you abandon other treatment forms. A great option is to combine chiropractic treatment with massage therapy, dry needling, or other alternatives.

Visit Charlotte’s low back pain specialists

Low back ache can limit you from living your life to satisfaction. A chiropractor will work to identify the type of back ache you suffer from, its root cause, and the best treatment plan for you. Visit Charlotte’s low back ache specialists to put pain in the past.

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