Charlotte’s best low back pain experts explain gardening with a chiropractor’s care

Low back pain experts help you prevent pain from getting in between your fun

Charlotte’s best low back pain experts understand that you wish to continue doing what you love for longer. Long durations of planting might wear down your back or exacerbate any existing back pain, even though gardening can help you feel more at ease by lowering anxiety and stress. That does not imply you should eliminate gardening from your to-do list. By using these methods for reducing back injury, you can still practice your green thumb with a few modifications and a dash of imagination.


Warming up your muscles prior to gardening is a good idea because it can be a serious workout. Try going for a quick five-minute stroll and doing some stretches. The back-flexion exercise, in which you lay on your back and pull both knees to your chest while pulling your head forward, is a rather easy stretch.

Work with your chiropractor to identify the best stretches for your needs if you suffer from back discomfort.

Taking frequent breaks

When you enjoy spending time in the yard, time can fly by. Bring a water bottle with you to serve as a reminder to hydrate yourself and take regular breaks. If you’ve been in one posture for a while, take advantage of these breaks to stretch. Avoid performing the same task again, such as pruning, as well. Change your focus, and periodically switch these duties.

Vertical gardening

Planting up, rather than across the ground, is a trend known as wall gardening, sometimes known as vertical gardening. If bending causes you pain, you might want to think about working more at eye level.

In one style of wall gardening, soil and plants are placed in felt or other similar-material pockets and put on a framework that is fastened to the wall. The plants gradually converge to create a wall of blooms or vegetation.

Other wall gardening techniques make use of a metal or wooden framework that has attachment points for planters of various sizes. The style can be anything from classy to artistic.

Using specialized tools

Planting and weeding don’t need as much bending when using long-handled tools. For instance, if bending forward hurts your back, long-handled trowels and cultivators may be beneficial.

Work with Charlotte’s best low back pain experts

Low back pain can prevent you from engaging in your hobbies but consulting an expert can help you decide how to handle the tasks and manage your pain. Work with the best low back pain experts in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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