Keeping children from being injured by their backpacks

Injured by the backpacksWhat is in that backpack?

Chiropractors in Charlotte are seeing mounting numbers of school aged children who are injured from carrying really heavy backpacks. We often think of backpacks as being handy for carrying a lunch and a few obligatory essentials for school, so we never really think about the weight. Next time your child comes home wearing his or her backpack; take a closer look at how that backpack is affecting their posture. It all begins with choosing your child’s backpack carefully, and then making sure that your child knows how to wear the backpack correctly in order to avoid causing extra stress on their neck, back, or shoulders.

Tips for choosing a backpack:

  • Backpacks should not hang more than four inches below the waistline
  • Choose a backpack that will distribute the weight evenly through the use of external pockets
  • Never use the one-strapped, or sling-style bags
  • Make sure that the backpack has wide, padded straps
  • If your child has to lean forward to carry the burden, the pack is too heavy

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