“Fight or flight” and Charlotte neck pain

Charlotte Neck Pain in Charlotte, NCInjury at any speed

Did you know that you can experience Charlotte neck pain even if your accident occurred at extremely low speed? Studies have shown that many neck and back injuries take place in accidents at speeds that are significantly slower than 20 miles per hour. The problem begins when you feel that you have come out of an accident uninjured, based on the fact that you do not feel any immediate pain. It is highly recommended that you visit a chiropractor after an accident to make sure that your spine has not been misaligned, or that your body has not sustained any other injuries.

Fight or flight phenomenon

  • There are dozens of wrecks every day in Charlotte. In many of these accidents, people are injured, and some of them will be affected for the rest of their lives.
  • Others will develop chronic physical problems such as Charlotte neck pain, because they thought that they were fine when they did not experience any pain after their accident.
  • Many people believe that is that if there is no body damage to the car, they themselves must not be injured.
  • Unfortunately, almost all car crashes cause some level of injury to the body. Commonly, the initial shock following an accident, puts our bodies in “fight-or-flight mode.” Quite often, this is a body defense mechanism which blocks us from feeling pain.
  • Eventually, the pain will come; it can take weeks or months for some people to realize their injuries.

Charlotte chiropractic treatment or Charlotte neck pain for car accidents

Many are reluctant to consider chiropractic care for what they consider to be minor car accident injuries, but in actuality, chiropractic treatment is a natural and gentle process that can diagnose and heal your body after you have been in an accident. The top Charlotte chiropractors at ChiroCarolina™ will use the best rehabilitative therapies to help you return to your pre-injury status. Improve your quality of life with a visit to one of Charlotte’s best chiropractors. Call their office for more information if you have been in an accident. ChiroCarolina™ is one of Charlotte’s top chiropractic centers providing top chiropractic care for the uptown, NoDa, and University area- located conveniently off North Tryon Street.


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