Chiropractic clinic in Charlotte and patients’ reviews

Chiropractic clinic specialists and even patients say that what others say about chiropractic care can help another patient make the right health care choice.

Here are reviews of how Chiropractic care has helped several Charlotte NC patients manage their health.

Review #1 

Chiropractic clinic specialists are professional and caring “I began attending chiropractic clinic shortly after a hit and run accident. I had extreme pain in my neck, head, shoulders, back, hips, knee, and wrist. After going to the ER to be examined they suggested that if the pain did not subside that I may need therapy. Since attending the last couple of months everyone there has made me feel like a long-time patient. My condition has greatly improved and I have recommended them to others for chiropractic care.” M.F.

Review #2

Chiropractic care has made my life better. My pain and numbness have completely subsided. “I first came to the chiropractic clinic with symptoms of shoulder, neck, and arm pain with numbness in my hand, particularly in my thumb and first and second fingers. The chiropractor completed a thorough examination based on the answers I provided on a comprehensive evaluation form. My chiropractor provided numerous suggestions for changes that I could make to improve my ergonomic and overall health environment in addition to chiropractic treatment. By completing the care, and by initiating changes in my lifestyle, I was able to find relief. After 5-6 weeks of treatment, the pain I had experienced, as well as the numbness in my hand, have completely subsided. I continue to utilize the suggestions that were provided and am following up with maintenance visits to the chiropractic clinic as needed, approximately once per month.

I’ve always believed that the body is designed to heal itself. Given the proper atmosphere, and that drugs and surgery are a last resort. The treatment received complimented my own beliefs and this combined with the great clinic staff has provided me with a wonderfully successful and pleasant experience.” Alecia W.

Review #3

Chiropractic clinic treatment can help patients make a difference in their life and future! “I was involved in an automobile accident in August 2002. My injury from the accident left me with severe headaches, muscle spasms, and a misaligned Atlas. After talking with a friend about my health, she recommended chiropractic care. Today, thanks to Chiropractic care for making a difference in my life and for my future!” Shannon S.

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