Chiropractic care experts in Charlotte NC explain taking care of text neck

Chiropractic care experts can help you manage text neck

Chiropractic care experts in Charlotte NC handle multiple patient cases of text neck, highlighting how common the issue has become. In social media, the news, and social circles, the phrase “text neck” is frequently used. Most people do not view it as a serious ailment, despite the fact that talks about it continue to grow. Text neck symptoms are a common complaint among patients. Not everyone, though, is sure that their habit of glancing down at their phones was the cause of the issue. Unfortunately, text neck can be painful and hazardous.

Texting while hunched over is not new. Many individuals were impacted by it for millennia before cell phones were invented. It may develop if you spend a lot of time reading, painting, or sewing while hunching your head forward. Due to the cultural addiction to mobile devices, which increases the amount of time spent stooped over, the ailment only received the moniker “text neck.”

Text neck symptoms

If stretched over an extended period of time, the tissues in your neck may swell up and hurt. Pinched nerves, an incorrect spinal curve, and herniated disks are all consequences of persistent stress and strain.

Neck pain and soreness are caused by text neck. Another effect of frequently glancing down at your phone is

  • Shoulder stiffness and soreness, which can cause uncomfortable shoulder muscular spasms.
  • Upper back discomfort that is persistent, bothersome, and acute, as well as muscular spasms.
  • Neurological signs and discomfort that travel down your arm.

If you have text neck, early-onset issues like neck arthritis can exacerbate your current issues.

Text neck treatment options

Text neck can be conservatively managed with chiropractic treatments. Your chiropractor will evaluate your lifestyle, posture, and neck structure. They do this in order to determine the root of the issue and effectively implement a solution.

The procedure lessens the annoying elements, such as how you hold the device and how long you stare at the screen. Additionally, the treatment seeks to increase the cervical spine range of motion and lessen neck-related discomfort and muscular strain. It improves muscle strength, control, and postural awareness.

When you stand tall with your shoulders back and your stomach is drawn in, your chiropractor will concentrate on your overall posture. Your shoulders won’t be pulled back or rounded as the doctor focuses on relaxing them.

Work with the best chiropractic care experts in Charlotte NC

Your chiropractor can help you manage text neck and alleviate discomfort. Visit the most qualified chiropractic care experts in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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