Chiropractic care and back pain treatment in Charlotte, NC

Chiropractic care is an ideal non-surgical treatment option for herniated discs. But what’s a chiropractor’s approach to treating a herniated disc? Before we get there, let’s review what a slipped disc is.

What is a “slipped” disc? Is it identified as a herniated disc?

Chiropractic care specialists say that with the exception of the primary 2 vertebrae in the neck—the atlas (C1) and therefore the axis (C2)—there is a disc between each vertebra of the spine. These discs act as a cushion and a shock distributor and supply flexibility.

Imagine if you jump up and down. What would happen to the stack of bony vertebrae that structure the spine without the cushioning and support of those discs?

The discs are made of the annulus fibrosus and also the nucleus pulposus. When cracks occur within the outer layer of the disc, the fabric within the disc can begin to push. However, numerous factors can cause a disc to herniate.

Chiropractic care in Charlotte and herniated discs

  • Diagnosis

A chiropractor can help address back pain and other rupture symptoms. At your initial appointment, your chiropractor will review your case history, do a physical exam, and perform orthopedic and neurological tests.

The chiropractor will evaluate the complete spine. Whether or not you merely have lower back pain, your chiropractor will examine your neck. He or she wants to determine how well your spine is functioning overall, and remember: What happens in one area of your spine can influence other parts of your spine and/or body.

After reviewing this information, your chiropractor can determine if you’ve got a disc injury. The kind of disc injury you have will help your chiropractor determine what treatments are ideal for your symptoms.

  • Treatment

Chiropractic care specialists say that to treat a ruptured intervertebral disc, the chiropractor will develop a treatment plan that will include spinal manipulation—also called adjustments—and other chiropractic techniques to assist ease the patient’s slipped disc symptoms. This can be an individualized treatment plan, but it will include manual therapy and therapeutic exercises. Chiropractic treatment is safe and effective for many patients.

Looking for a Charlotte chiropractor experienced in treating slipped discs?

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