Charlotte neck pain

Electronic devices and neck pain

Charlotte Neck Pain in Charlotte, NC

Now that summer is over and everyone is back to work, increased use of computers and electronic devices is a real factor for causing Charlotte neck pain. Recent studies have revealed that students spend as much as ten hours a day on their phones or tablets. Much of this time includes two to four hours a day hunched over a smart phone texting. This poor positioning can make a serious impact on the neck and back over time. In actuality, some teens probably spend twice as much time, just texting on their hand held devices. This can add up to as much as 1500 hours of bad posture in a year, leaving teenagers or anyone who uses their devices in this manner, at risk for serious Charlotte neck pain.

Poor posture leads to neck pain

  • When people spend a lot of time looking down at their phone or tablet, they are under using and overusing specific muscles in their neck.
  • The neck is very similar to our lower back in that the vertebrae designed to form a curve when relaxed and in a neutral position.
  • When you hold your neck is out of its neutral position, after time the ligaments that support the neck slowly start to become deformed.
  • Ligaments in the back of the neck stretch, while ligaments in the front of the neck become shortened.
  • Unless the problem is addressed, this unnatural curvature of the neck will place stress on the joints, discs, muscles and nerves in the neck.
  • Eventually, the problem can become serious enough that individuals can develop bulging discs, leading to weakness and loss of sensation in the arms and fingers.
  • Your chiropractor can offer and number of painless and gentle treatments, combined with exercise, that will strengthen the muscles and help to restore your neck’s natural curve.

Charlotte chiropractic treatment for Charlotte neck pain

Many people believe that being sick must be an accepted part of their life. As some of the best chiropractors in Charlotte, the doctors at ChiroCarolina™ are trained to diagnose and treat illness and pain. They understand that each individual has unique underlying factors and causes that need to be addressed in order to ensure full recovery or optimal health. ChiroCarolina™ also provides neuromuscular stimulation and physiotherapy to aid in the elimination of chronic pain.

You can also expect treatments to include supplemental therapies such as massage therapy, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle coaching when applicable. It is time to improve your quality of life. Patients visit from all over North Carolina, South Carolina, and as far as Georgia, Florida, and Virginia. ChiroCarolina™ is one of Charlotte’s top chiropractic centers providing top chiropractic care for the uptown, NoDa, and University area- located conveniently off North Tryon Street.


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