Charlotte low back pain

Charlotte Low Back Pain in Charlotte, NCBack pain after golf

Almost everyone who plays regularly has experienced some sort of Charlotte low back pain from golf. Although the golf course is one of the more idyllic places to be, and that the game is thoroughly enjoyable, it is also a game in which your back is subject to extreme rotation and a lot of stress. Even if you are a casual golfer, playing eighteen holes plus practice and warm up swings for every stroke, you can easily put your spine through hundreds of repetitions of high speed range of motion on the golf course. This is the reason why so many individuals experience Charlotte low back pain from golf.

Seeking optimal health

  • The best Chiropractic doctors in Charlotte will tell you that there are a number of things that you can do to reduce your risk of back pain from golf.
  • The first step is to achieve or maintain your optimal health.
  • The healthier you are as you enter into the season, the healthier you will be as you go through the season.
  • If you smoke, rarely exercise, and carry an extra 20 to 40 pounds of excess weight, chances are great that you will encounter some form of injury during the season.
  • Extra weight alone intensifies the stress that is placed on your spine during your swing.
  • In addition to pain free treatment for your back, some chiropractors offer dietary counseling that could help you make an effort to lose weight, a simple and effective way to make your body feel and perform better.

Chiropractic treatment for Charlotte low  back pain in Charlotte, NC

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