Charlotte’s Auto Accident Chiropractor Explains Different Injuries and Treatments

Charlotte’s auto accident chiropractor can promote fast and full recovery

Charlotte’s auto accident chiropractor recommends seeing a specialist after a minor or serious collision. Symptoms can appear days and even weeks after the incident. The initial shock of the accident can mask the pain due to the release of adrenaline by your body.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

1. Head injuries

Concussions and other head injuries can be a result of an accident and should be examined by an EMT to establish the severity. Unchecking a head or brain injury can be life-threatening.

2. Neck injuries

Whiplash is the most common injury experienced after an accident. It happens when the body is thrown violently forward and backward during a collision. In some cases, serious back injuries can be a result.

3. Soft tissue injuries

Soft tissues are the non-skeletal body parts that could be damaged in the event of an accident and include tendons and muscles. Soft tissues can be bruised, strained, and torn, with the possibility of recovery taking longer in severe instances.

4. Broken bones

The strongest of collisions can result in broken bones. These need immediate medical attention. You will be driven from the collision site to the ER instantly.

Some auto-accident treatments

After an in-depth evaluation, auto accident doctors will determine the best approach to suit you. A licensed and highly qualified team will give the best care, from treatments to therapies. The treatments include:

1. Electrical muscle stimulation

The electrical impulses from this treatment may be the best approach to enhance muscle contraction. Car accident doctors will help you relax muscle spasms and boost blood flow through electrical muscle stimulation.

2. Splints and braces

Common auto accident injuries result in fractures, sprains, and muscle strain. Your medical team may employ braces and splints to combat acute injuries. These techniques immobilize and offer joint protection and minimize pain and swelling.

3. Physical therapy

Licensed therapists will provide guidance and physical therapy to aid your recovery. Since each injury is unique, the specialists will establish a tailored program for you. This treatment involves effective exercises and therapy, which relieves pain and improves movement abilities, motion, and flexibility.

4. Therapeutic ultrasound

Based on your auto accident chiropractor, this may be the best treatment for your injury. Ultrasounds are primarily used as imaging tools. But their benefits to patients extend to increasing blood flow and reviving tissues to assist in fast recovery. Therapeutic ultrasound, in particular, can minimize swelling and alleviate pain. Phonophoresis involves using ultrasound to strengthen the medications applied to the skin.

Choose Charlotte’s best auto accident chiropractor

Chiropractic care is a drug-free treatment that fosters the body’s natural healing process. Work with Charlotte’s best auto accident chiropractor to get your life on track sooner and prevent long-term pain with medications that don’t pay attention to the underlying issues.

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