Car accident injury in Charlotte NC: should you have an adjustment?

A car accident injury is the last thing that a person needs to happen. Adding a car accident to all of the other struggles of the day just creates more things to think about which causes more stress. On top of all that, an injury from a car accident can cause an added strain and make it harder to do certain tasks or even cause you to take time off from work. After an accident, one of the biggest questions you are probably asking is where to find treatment for your injuries.

Back and neck pain that lasts long after an injury has been healed is normal for patients that were injured during a car accident. Most people will look for medical treatment to resolves these issues, not many will realize that visiting a chiropractor who is experienced in auto injuries can have its benefits.

If you’re suffering from any musculoskeletal issues and don’t want to rely on just pain medication, chiropractic care is an effective and safe option.

Was the accident extensive?

After an extensive car accident, most people will agree to go to the hospital and they’re right to say so. Getting emergency care is important anytime an injury to the head is involved, or there is any chance of internal bleeding.

What many people do not realize is that untreated injuries can lead to chronic arthritis complications, even a minor car accident can lead to soft tissue damage. The occupants of the car will absorb any of the shocks from the crash that your car doesn’t, so the possibility of injury will be there anytime your body is jerked around in response to the collision. The belief that only high-impact accidents cause injuries is a common misconception. The reality is even minor fender benders can cause an injury and over half of whiplash injuries can happen in a crash where there was no or little damage to the car. Looking for medical attention is the only way that you can rule out an injury.

How can a chiropractor help?

The inability to complete your day-to-day tasks due to pain and soreness is commonly experienced by victims of a car accident. It can be even more uncomfortable for people with pre-existing chronic pain.

Proper treatment of your injuries will always begin with an assessment, your medical history, and your lifestyle. To pinpoint the issue, diagnostic equipment can also be used. Your chiropractor can construct a personalized plan for treating your pain with this information in hand and may include a combination of modalities, such as massage therapy, spinal adjustments, physical therapy, and acupuncture.

Restoring your body to your condition before the accident is the goal of your treatments. This is done at the source by decreasing your pain, eliminating muscle spasms, increasing mobility, and treating any other symptoms.

Car accident injury in Charlotte NC: when to find help

A car accident injury is enough of a reason to find a chiropractor for immediate treatment after being diagnosed with either whiplash or spinal injury. You do not need to wait until you start having severe symptoms to get the care you can count on.

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