Best chiropractic in Charlotte NC explains fixing uneven shoulders

Best chiropractic can help you maintain even shoulders

The best chiropractic in Charlotte NC can help you maintain your structure. Although uneven shoulders are not typical, they are frequently observed due to structural and postural issues. You may have unequal shoulders for a variety of anatomical or postural causes, including:

Scoliosis: Scoliosis is further classified as either structural or functional. Functional scoliosis is scoliosis caused by poor posture, whereas structural scoliosis basically implies that the bones of the spine themselves have altered shape to adapt to the position. Uneven shoulders may be caused by either of them.

Awkward pelvis: An unlevel pelvis is another factor in unequal shoulders. The body will attempt to straighten the head in an effort to make up for the uneven pelvis, which usually leads to uneven shoulders. Additionally, the body will become unbalanced as a result of the added strain on one side.

Favoring the stronger side: Favoring one side over the other can result in muscular imbalances, which can lead to unequal shoulders. The majority of people have a dominant side, but it’s crucial to train all sides of the body to avoid encouraging postural abnormalities. The shoulder blade on the non-dominant side of athletes who participate in overhead motion sports rests closer to the spine while the dominant shoulder blade wings out. The type of treatment required depends depend on how severe the imbalance is. Manual adjustments and rehabilitation may be used in conjunction.


  • Lopsided walking
  • Hip or lower back discomfort
  • Muscle inequalities
  • Back’s decreased range of motion

Impact of unlevel shoulders

Short term: Uneven shoulders can have immediate negative effects on the body, such as discomfort, stiffness, and weakness.

Long-term: The severity of the unequal shoulders and the underlying causes will determine the long-term effects. If the unequal shoulders are not corrected, they will progressively worsen and the symptoms could worsen. Your daily activities and professional life may be impacted by this.

Find the best chiropractic in Charlotte NC

A chiropractor may be able to correct unequal shoulders using a variety of procedures. It’s critical to comprehend the cause of your unequal shoulders because it will affect how you should be treated.

A chiropractor may employ manual adjustments, muscular methods, rehabilitation exercises, and/or posture guidance, depending on the underlying cause. The degree of the spine’s curvature will determine the presence of structural dysfunctions like scoliosis. A combination of manual adjustments and rehabilitation exercises with a scoliosis correction focus may be employed to address a moderate to minor curvature. Manual adjustments, postural corrections, and lifestyle recommendations will all be used to treat postural dysfunctions such as favoring one side over the other. Overall, treatment might halt the development of unequal shoulders and move the body alignment closer to the midline.

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