Best chiropractic expert in Charlotte discusses minimizing back pain at work

Best chiropractic helps eliminate lower back pain

The best chiropractic care expert in Charlotte offers corrective adjustments to the spine to reduce back pain. Such procedures take special skills and can be quite costly, so it is advisable to avoid causing back pain where necessary.

In the current world, sitting is the new smoking. Most people spend more hours behind a desk, something that can impact our bodies. Among the major problems of remaining immobile for most of the day is back pain.

Our hip flexors stay contracted when seated, causing pressure and tension on the low back muscles. Over time, they start aching, a problem that can cause chronic pain if left untreated.

Dealing with back pain can be frustrating since it takes time to go away and can limit movement. The best solution is to correct our everyday practices, especially at work. Here are some things that you can do to minimize back pain at work.

Posture correction

Posture problems are the most common for people staying behind a desk. The wrong posture sets the head forward and causes the shoulders to remain slouched. Extra pressure results in back pain, which you can improve by correcting the posture.

The recommended sitting position is upright. Keep the shoulders back and the head in line with the shoulders. You should make sure the hands rest in a high position to prevent the problems from escalating.

Increase mobility

To counteract the long sitting hours, you need to stay active. Increasing mobility eases the pressure on the lower back, eliminating any possible pain in the area.

Some of the ways to get active include

  • Stretching – conduct a daily stretch, at least thirty minutes
  • Exercising
  • Taking walks during breaks

Consider ergonomic changes

One other way to minimize the chances of back pain at work is by considering ergonomic changes. Finding an ergonomic office chair or desk can help alleviate pressure from the lower back area.

You may also consider using a standing desk to decrease tension on the spine. Using ergonomic computer items helps relieve joint and muscle pain.

Visit the best chiropractic

Back pain can be unsettling, and if it does not go away after all these changes, the best solution will be to visit a chiropractor. They are qualified to handle back pain issues by focusing on spinal adjustments, among other techniques.

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