Back pain treatment in Charlotte NC: Top chiropractor offers advice

Back pain treatment specialist gives advice to avoid back injuries

Back pain treatment in Charlotte NC and surrounding areas, as well as treatment of lumbar herniated disc, neck pain, among other conditions, are treated by manual therapies from chiropractors. The long-term outcome of treatment is enhanced by receiving maintenance spinal manipulation after the initial therapy for non-specific lower back pain.

At some point during our life, we may experience lower back pain. Usually, lower back pain gets better on its own. However, it may also become a recurring condition.

Lower back pain is a symptom and not a diagnosis. A chiropractor will try to identify as much as possible about the root issues to try and determine any underlying medical cause of lower back pain. Your lower back is susceptible to developing a lot of problems due to its marvelous strength and flexibility. A problem in the lower back can lead to leg pain, hip problems, and more because of the many nerves that run through your spine into the rest of your body.

To avoid direct injury and control the progression of a problem that may have occurred already, protecting your lower back involves taking certain measures. The good news is that simple self-help strategies can be surprisingly effective at preventing back pain and stop it from returning.

Tips to protect your lower back

  1. Strengthen core muscles daily

To support your spine, strong and supportive muscles throughout the trunk of your body are essential. Core exercises include low-impact cardiovascular exercise, water therapy, exercise ball workouts. Make small goals to slowly get yourself moving if exercise is difficult or impossible for you.

  1. Buy an ergonomic office chair

Excessive pressure is placed on the disks in your lower back from slouching forward while working at a desk and can cause problems such as disc degeneration to occur or further deteriorate. Use an ergonomic chair to support the natural curve in the lower spine and thighs correctly, you can also place a rolled-up towel in the small of your back, and you can start using a stand-up desk for part of the day.

  1. Safeguard your back while lifting

A common cause of lower back pain is lifting. Lifting can cause lower back problems through everyday activities such as lifting your child or unloading groceries.

A sudden injury to your lower back can also happen by lifting with your back bent or lifting while twisting. Repetitive injury over a period of time leading to chronic tissue damage. You can prevent an injury by bending at the knees instead of your lower back, pivot your feet and hips, and hold the object close to your chest.

Back pain treatment in Charlotte NC: when should you come in?

Back pain treatment can lead to a drastic change in your lifestyle. If you haven’t seen any improvement in your back pain after six weeks, you need to go see your chiropractor.

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