Back pain treatment in Charlotte, NC: Contact the top chiropractor for help

What can back pain treatment experts teach office workers to help prevent back pain?

Back pain treatment, in Charlotte NC, can help office workers who spend the majority of their day sitting down. Sitting at your desk all day at work can lead to tension and stiffness that can cause severe discomfort. If your job requires that you bend or twist frequently, you might be at a higher risk of developing back pain.

Back pain can range from sudden, sharp pain, which can result from moving or twisting suddenly, to a dull, constant ache that has developed over time. Back pain can last for a few weeks or become chronic, lasting 12 weeks or longer. Discomfort that lasts between four and twelve weeks in the lower back is called subacute. In many cases, lower back pain doesn’t last long and can go away naturally with proper care. However, few people who experience subacute back pain can develop chronic pain later.

When working in an office, pain in the lower back can result from incorrect posture, physical inactivity, or a workspace that was designed poorly. Existing back pain can also be aggravated depending on how you move. Luckily, you can reduce and prevent back pain at work by developing healthy habits and adjusting your workspace.

How can you prevent back pain while working at a desk?

It’s not good for your general health to sit at your desk for eight hours a day, and it can be the cause of your back pain. You may not be experiencing any pain now, but working at your desk can lead to severe back pain in the future.

These tips can help you to stop your back from developing pain while working at your desk:

Workout your core two to three times a week: Your body’s core includes your back, abdominal, and pelvis muscles. There are many core workouts that can help you to protect your back, but the most common are different variations of the sit-up, plank, crunch, and bridge.

Make sure your office is ergonomic: In an office, ergonomics can include everything from the height of your chair and desk to the positioning of your phone, keyboard, and monitor. A good rule to remember is if it feels or looks awkward, change it.

Sit up straight: If you have a tendency of slouching forward or leaning back at your desk when you work, you’re most likely putting your spine out of alignment. Keep your monitor at an eye level to help improve your posture when sitting.

Take breaks: Every now and then, you should get up to stretch your body. When standing, reach for the ceiling, then slowly bend to touch your toes. Just a couple of minutes of stretching every hour can help to protect your back.

Back pain treatment in Charlotte, NC with the top chiropractor

Back pain treatment can help to maintain your health. You can also invest in support tools such as an ergonomic chair to help prevent any injuries in your office.

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